clothing donations

Clothing Donations

Clothing donations for those in need

It is often difficult for the well provided population to notice the condition of families who don’t have enough. Some of them usually don’t have enough clothing to warm themselves during cold times, or even to put on at a job interview. These are facts of life, and we cannot overcome them without doing something about it. This is why charity shops have been invented and why people are doing clothing donations as often as possible.

Our closets are overloaded anyway, so why not go for a clothing donation. The clothing one wears is very helpful. For example it may help a person score with a good job. Thinking of others may not be that difficult after all. Offering them things you are no longer wearing is also not at all difficult. As a matter of fact, it is only normal and logical to do so. If you are tired of your used clothes and the space in your closet can no longer fit any more clothing, just go to a charity shop or a charity bin and leave them there.

You may wonder how to do this. Well, it is not rocket science. Things are very simple.

You will have to start by the closet. Open it and have a look at what’s inside. Take out everything you no longer use or need and put it aside. Ask your friends and family if they need one of the items you are about to donate. They may want to use some of the clothes in your closet.

After you have sorted out all of your clothes, start checking them for any flaws. If they are broken or damaged, just fix them. Don’t ever take damaged clothes to a charity shop, as it is disrespectful. Check for more items like pillows and other bed coverage items and put them in the donation pile. After you have done all this, wash the clothes. They have to be completely clean before donating them to other people.

Now that you have all your clothing items sorted out and clean, it is time to put them in bags or boxes. In case you want to take them to the charity bins near supermarkets, put the clothes in plastic bags. If you want to take them to charity, it is wiser to put them in carton boxes. Some charities are giving away carton boxes for the clothes, for free.

Now, where to take the clothes? Well, depending on how busy your life is you could go, as said earlier, with the charity bins outside supermarkets. These are also spread around towns. Just put the filled plastic bags inside and people from the organizations will come and get them.

Charity shops or organizations are brick-and-mortar shops where people can leave the bags or the boxes with their clothing. Volunteers in there will always take care of what you want to give away. It is their job to do so.

Online charity organizations are the same as the other ones, only you get to contact them online. As soon as you have found one close to your heart, send an email and they will mail you the empty boxes in which you can put the used clothes, ready to be given away.

It is a noble and a good thing to give things away. However, when it comes to clothing it is wise to check where you are donating, before actually doing it. For example, don’t donate children clothing to an elder charity shop; or the other way around. Donate the clothes where they are supposed to be donated.

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