Used clothing donation

Why do we need used clothing donation ?

Our society is definitely sick of over-consumerism. Most of us are guilty of it. One of the items that most of us have is more clothing than we actually need. That’s why used clothing donation turned out to be such a good idea nowadays. If you would look in half of the population’s closets nowadays, you would find pile of items that haven’t been used for six months and even one year. In a way, it is very difficult to collect all these items, put them in a bag and get rid of them once and for all. Not to mention some of the clothes are in excellent condition.

It would be a shame to dump old clothes into the bin when they could be useful to someone else. That’s why local charities, donation bins, used clothing stores or online charities exist. This kind of establishments are always open to clothing donations and oftentimes offer discount coupons with which you could buy items from other partner shops at a later date.

It is not necessary for you to limit your drop-offs only to clothing. It is good to send shoes, books and even furniture items, depending on what the donation store is accepting, and if they don’t need major repairs. However, this article is about clothing and not furniture so we will keep it to clothes.

These charity shops we are talking about are especially built to make it convenient for anyone to donate clothing. More than this, many of the charity organizations are offering you tax deduction coupons. Obviously, the tax deduction amounts are very small, but it’s up to you if you want to use them or not.

Another way to donate your clothes would be through internet websites. Many websites are offering free-of-charge delivery. You would only need to contact them and they will send you the boxes with the addresses for you to put the clothes in. Online donations are easier, as they only require you to contact the charity’s website.

In order for you to donate clothes, you must be aware of a few things. For example, when sorting the clothes, you must be sure they are not going to be used anymore. Ask family and friends if they want any of the items you have in the closet. Don’t just hurry to throw away things, as members of your family or one of your friends may want to use them. Sort out carefully and go only for the clothes you no longer want to wear. Check them carefully. The clothes don’t have to be broken or damaged. Taking damaged clothes to a charity shop is a form of disrespect. After you have checked the clothes carefully, put them in the washing machine and wash them carefully. Washed and properly cared for, take the clothes and put them in plastic bags or in boxes. This is the moment when you have to take the clothes to the charity shop. Properly arranged, the clothing is going to be sent by mail, dropped in a charity bin box, or sent via mail.

People trust charity shops like the Salvation Army and the Good Will. However, other shops are as efficient and good as these two famous ones. If they don’t have an established name, it doesn’t mean they are not going to be highly efficient in what they are meant to do.

Hoarding and having your closet full of things you are no longer using is a shame. People out there may need them. So leave the charity shops to do their jobs and you do yours, which is of selecting and preparing the clothes for being donated.

Donate old clothes

Donate old clothes and get more room in the closet

There are many reasons for you to donate old clothes. However, in order to do so, you will have to be informed about it, because many of us don’t really know how to do it. Many of us, who don’t know how to do it, end up not donating at all. Just have a look over this article and learn how to donate old clothes.

You may ask yourself, why do I need to donate my old clothes? Well, one of the reasons is that you are no longer using them. You will need to get over hoarding and put your old clothes in plastic bags or boxes, and then give them away to charity.

The prior steps to donating

  1. First of all, you need to sort your clothes. This is the most difficult part of them all. You will have to be very honest about what you want and don’t want to wear anymore. For example, you can take out clothes you no longer want to wear, things you haven’t worn in years, or things that you are no longer going to ever wear in your entire life. Think about it! Could anyone benefit from clothes? Chances are that others will. Then why not donating them?
  2. The second part is getting your clothes ready to be donated. This means checking them for any flaws, and making sure they are not broken. Check them around the pockets, around the buttons and make sure they are in perfect state. Put them in the washing machine and wash them before sending them away. The clothes need to be perfectly clean, as the people won’t wear your dirty clothes.
  3. The third part is packing your clothes. This involves putting your nice, washed clothes, which are no longer yours now, in plastic bags or boxes. Make sure they are properly folded and prepare them for the charity house.

After you have completed all the 3 steps mentioned in this article, it is time to actually donate old clothes. This means going to the charity that will take them. It is quite difficult to find a charity close to your heart, especially if you have never done this before. However, there are many ways to donate your clothes, not only through charities. If you want to really be prepared for donating old clothes, look for other of doing it. For example:

Clothing Bins – as one of the most convenient options, these bins can be found on high streets and around supermarkets. All you need to do would be to just pop the clothes through the hole of the bin. If you are choosing this method, make sure to put your clothes in plastic bags, as boxes would not do.

Charity Shops – as the most common option of donating clothes, this kind of donation formality allows you to also choose the cause you want to donate to. It is wise do not just leave the clothes at the charity’s doorsteps. The procedure is to go inside the shop and give them to a volunteer. Volunteers in there will only be happy you are giving them a hand and you are not calling them to pick your donations, as many charity shops also pick up the donations.

Online Donations – in the era of internet, it is more than obvious there is the option to donate clothes online. All you will have to do is to check online for the charity shops accepting donations and then send them your boxes via traditional mail.

It is a wise idea to donate old clothes and clean your closet as you will only obtain more room for your new clothes to come in.




clothing donations

Clothing Donations

Clothing donations for those in need

It is often difficult for the well provided population to notice the condition of families who don’t have enough. Some of them usually don’t have enough clothing to warm themselves during cold times, or even to put on at a job interview. These are facts of life, and we cannot overcome them without doing something about it. This is why charity shops have been invented and why people are doing clothing donations as often as possible.

Our closets are overloaded anyway, so why not go for a clothing donation. The clothing one wears is very helpful. For example it may help a person score with a good job. Thinking of others may not be that difficult after all. Offering them things you are no longer wearing is also not at all difficult. As a matter of fact, it is only normal and logical to do so. If you are tired of your used clothes and the space in your closet can no longer fit any more clothing, just go to a charity shop or a charity bin and leave them there.

You may wonder how to do this. Well, it is not rocket science. Things are very simple.

You will have to start by the closet. Open it and have a look at what’s inside. Take out everything you no longer use or need and put it aside. Ask your friends and family if they need one of the items you are about to donate. They may want to use some of the clothes in your closet.

After you have sorted out all of your clothes, start checking them for any flaws. If they are broken or damaged, just fix them. Don’t ever take damaged clothes to a charity shop, as it is disrespectful. Check for more items like pillows and other bed coverage items and put them in the donation pile. After you have done all this, wash the clothes. They have to be completely clean before donating them to other people.

Now that you have all your clothing items sorted out and clean, it is time to put them in bags or boxes. In case you want to take them to the charity bins near supermarkets, put the clothes in plastic bags. If you want to take them to charity, it is wiser to put them in carton boxes. Some charities are giving away carton boxes for the clothes, for free.

Now, where to take the clothes? Well, depending on how busy your life is you could go, as said earlier, with the charity bins outside supermarkets. These are also spread around towns. Just put the filled plastic bags inside and people from the organizations will come and get them.

Charity shops or organizations are brick-and-mortar shops where people can leave the bags or the boxes with their clothing. Volunteers in there will always take care of what you want to give away. It is their job to do so.

Online charity organizations are the same as the other ones, only you get to contact them online. As soon as you have found one close to your heart, send an email and they will mail you the empty boxes in which you can put the used clothes, ready to be given away.

It is a noble and a good thing to give things away. However, when it comes to clothing it is wise to check where you are donating, before actually doing it. For example, don’t donate children clothing to an elder charity shop; or the other way around. Donate the clothes where they are supposed to be donated.