donate clothes

Donate Clothes

Donate Clothes and support the community

Everyone has tones of clothes that could be recycled in their closet. In case you are thinking your used clothes are already agglomerating your closet, then it is time to go a charity and donate them. Many people are doing this, so it would be time for you to do as well, think of the fact that others maybe don’t have what to wear and it would be a great present for them.  Let’s see how you can donate clothes:

First of all, clean your closet. Identify all the clothes you may still need and want to wear for the next few months. Also, look for clothes you think friends and relatives may want to wear. Maybe they will get upset with you if you would have thrown away “that blouse I always wanted to put on”.

Second of all, ask your family. If you started the job, why not doing it properly? Ask your family members if they would like to clean their closets as well, and if they would want to remove the clothes they are no longer wearing. Be careful as your son may want to give one of his favorite t-shirts to his younger brother. In case your children don’t mind handing down clothes, take them all out and make sure you are not donating clothes that may fit them in a year or two. Another important thing for you to do would be to check the quality of the clothes. You cannot give away broken clothes.

Third of all, check carefully. It is important to check everything on the clothes you want to donate. For example, check around the buttons and the pockets. You will have to make sure they are still in good quality. If not, the clothes you are going to donate may end up in the trash bin after you have donated them. When you donate, you are doing it in order for the person who is going to get them, to also wear them.

Now, the fourth part of the process would be to clean the clothes. If possible, wash the clothes to make sure they are perfectly clean before donating them. It is important to donate clean clothes and the ones that still have your own smell in them.

The fifth part of the process would be to look for other similar things you could donate. For example, pillowcases, bed sheets, towels and curtains. Do the same as you did with the clothes and prepare your items for the sixth step.

Now, the last but not least would be to prepare the clothes and the other items. Put everything you have gathered in a box and seal them all off to make sure they are still clean. Everything has to be in good order before reaching the foundation or the charity of your choice. .

Now that everything is ready and you have decided to donate clothes, let’s see how you could choose a charity. Here are the things to take into consideration when going after a charity:

  • Think of charity that you like and it’s also close to your heart. In case you have no idea about one, ask around. People may know good charities. More than this it is important to ask about the advocacies of the charity of your choice.
  • Check if the charity is going to be able to use the clothes you just have packed for them. In case the clothes you donated are only for old people, make sure you are going after a charity or a foundation that is express for elderly.
  • Ask the charity if they are able to pick up donations or you should be the one to drop the box for them.
  • Spread the word and invite your friends to do the same.